Flightcase Dimmer GeoDim 24x 2,5KW

Item number: TA-3216

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Please add following accessories:
VT-3294Stage Distribution 1 Harting => 6 Schuko Socket132.61 €
Z-K-DMX520DMX Data Cable 5-pole, 20 meter73.78 €
Z-K-DMX550DMX Data Cable 5-pole, 50 meter144.70 €
Z-K-HAR0110Harting Power Cable 16-Pole, 10m113.05 €
Z-K-HAR0120Harting Power Cable 16-Pole, 20m155.89 €
VT-3293Stage Distribution 2 Harting => 6 Schuko Socket201.11 €
Z-K-HAR0130Harting Power Cable 16-Pole, 30m204.68 €


24 channel digital rack dimmer with air fans in a rigid flightcase on wheels.
Manufacturer: GEO-Technik


Very quiet leading-edge dimmer.
Good noise suppression: Filter rise time > 120 µsec
comfortable operation with menu display.
Input: Analog 0-10V and DMX-512
Power supply via 2 cables 1.5m with 63A plugs.
Preheating, dimming curves and patch can be adjusted from the menu.
Output via 4 x Harting connectors
Each circuit is protected by a magnetic breaker.
Made in EU / service in Germany.
Robust, rollable wooden flight case of multilayered plywood panels with aluminum protective edges and rounded corners.
W 520mm x H 800mm (14U) x D 540mm.