LT Dimmer Pack LIBERTY 6x 2,5KW Schuko

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Please add following accessories:
Z-K-DMX510DMX Data Cable 5-pole, 10 meter56.17 €
Z-K-DMX502DMX data cable 5-pole, 2 meter38.32 €
Z-STXLR51XLR 5-pole connector female6.35 €
Z-STXLR50XLR 5-pole connector male5.84 €
Z-K-DMX520DMX Data Cable 5-pole, 20 meter73.78 €
Z-K-DMX500DMX data cable 5-pole, 0.5 meter34.15 €
Z-K-NETG205Schuko Extension Cable Rubber 5 meter 2,5²23.72 €
Z-K-NETG210Schuko Extension Cable Rubber 10 meter 2,5²37.65 €
Z-K-NETG225Schuko Extension Cable Neoprene 25 M 2,5²86.87 €


Full digital dimming, very low noise. Input: Analog 0-10V and DMX. With power cord and 6x double schuko.
Manufacturer: LT Light Technology


Reliable dimming pack, made in EU / service in Germany.
Analog 0-10 V via Sub-D15 connector
and DMX-512 via XLR connectors.
All inputs can be used at the same time. HTP (the highest value takes priority)
Outlets: 6x Double schuko.
Each circuit is protected by a magnetic breaker.
Mains connection 3x 230V 32A with screw terminals (optional 1.5 m power cord).
Very quiet leading-edge dimmer.
Good noise suppression: Rise time > 120 µsec
Comfortable operation menu with illuminated display.
DMX starting address, preheat and individually selectable dim- and switching-curves can be set via the menu.
Saves an emergency lighting-scene on loss of DMX signal.
Temperature-controlled fan, super quiet.
Triacs / Thyristors and all boards are not soldered on, but plugged and screwed, to ensure ease of service.
19-inch rack: W 483mm x H 132mm (3U) x D 383mm.
Optional available: side carry handle.