DMX Tester Professional

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An useful tool for each DMX lighting system.
Manufacturer: Kelvin-


The professional measuring and test equipment for quick checks or troubleshooting in the DMX lighting system.
Simply measuring DMX: The tester is connected to the DMX line. Immediately, the DMX data displayed. Desired channels can be selected by pressing a button. Simply edit DMX: The DMX signal is set and sent. Moving lights and dimmers can be easily tested. * One with the Hot - * function, the individual DMX - channels can be selected quickly and easily.
• Analysis / review of the DMX protocol
• Quickly check the DMX addresses for devices measure and display the DMX values
• Intelligent search function for finding channels
• Easily edit and send the DMX values
• DMX cable tester with error analysis
• One man operation in the classical-evidence
• Recording and playback of 16 scenes complete with 512 channels
• Long battery life through energy management
• Clear, backlit display
Receive mode: 1) Display of packet length, repetition. 4) Transmission mode
Included: - 3-pin XLR adapter. on 5-pin. and back-nylon bag for X-MT 100 and two DMX Adapter
Dimensions: W 111mm, L 60mm, H 45mm