Lighting Console LT TITAN 72

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Please add following accessories:
TA-3085CRT Colour Monitor 15 Inch65.45 €
Z-K-DMX510DMX Data Cable 5-pole, 10 meter56.17 €
Z-K-DMX502DMX data cable 5-pole, 2 meter38.32 €
Z-K-DMX520DMX Data Cable 5-pole, 20 meter73.78 €
TA-3123Gooseneck Work Light XLR23.21 €
TA-3092Dust Cover for LT Tritton48 /Titan72 /Hy.Compact33.32 €
Z-K-DMX530DMX Data Cable 5-pole, 30 meter88.48 €


Rigid light controller for 72 dimmers and colour changers plus one moving light . With groups, memories, scenes and VGA monitor connection.
Manufacturer: LT Light Technology


Professional lighting console with:
Joystick to control a moving light (scanner).
72 dimmers with patch on 512 channels.
36 channel fader can be switched to low or high channel numbers, as well as two virtual settings.
24 submaster fader for fast driving of groups or individually stored chase effects, assignable to 99 pages.
400 presets / Presets. Sequence with 400 increments, in-and-down times and jumps, flash mode, normal or solo,
50 programmable caser memories with any number of steps.
Any channel can be defined as a color changer.
With a backlit LCD display 2 x 40 characters.
Possibility of connecting one desk lamp TA-3123
Output DMX 512 / 1990, Midi In / Out, Audio in,
Connector for VGA monitor.
Stored on memory card (please order card extra) or via MIDI port on a PC (software download free of charge from the web).
Quality brand manufactured in the EU.
Width 96cm, depth 50cm.