Fog Machine Geo-Fog NT

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Please add following accessories:
TA-2020Smoke Liquid Long-Fog B plus, 5L32.90 €
Z-K-DMX310DMX-Cable XLR 3-pole 10m29.27 €
TA-2031Cable Remote Controller for Geo-Fog Machine70.57 €


Smoke generator for professional and continuous operation. Absolutely smell-free. 1250 watt heater power.
Manufacturer: Made in Germany


With timer-controlled fog output interval.
Warm-up once: 7 minutes
Fog output: 444 min / m³. , Maximum output distance 15m
Fluid consumption of 55 mL / min
Fluid supply directly from the cubitainer.
Continuous operation possible
Operating voltage 230V
Current consumption max. 1300 W.
Length 470mm, width 240mm