Ground Low Fog Machine 3500W Refrigerated

Item number: TA-2010

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TA-2020Smoke Liquid Long-Fog B plus, 5L32.90 €


Smoke machine for professional use with very strong, adjustable fog output. With refrigerator cooling.
Manufacturer: Kelvin


Generates floor fog or SMOKE-FALLS. Same effect like dry-ice, but very simple to operate.
Complete system with smoke generator and 4 stations cooling aggregate.
Warm-up time aprx. 10 min. Then you have by pressing a button instantly smoke output, as long as you want.
Electronic temperature control for smell-free smoke generating.
Variable, autom. intervall control with wait-time.
DMX control possible.
Power consumption: 4000w (warm-up), then 750w
Made for continuous operation.