Wind-Up Stand 350cm / 80kg

Item number: TA-1890

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Tripod lift with wincher, max. load 80 kg, max. height 3.66m. For 28mm pivot bolt.
Manufacturer: Kelvin Italy


Heavy tripod stand with stainless column and stands.
Chrom steel dive-column and drawers. 3 sections (Ø: 70, 60 ,50 mm),
(4.4 cm per crank turn). Safety line for both drawers. Instant blocking.
Tripod legs Ø: 35 mm. One of them is height adjustable.
Dimensions: min. height: 156 cm, max. height: 366 cm,
Transport length: 179 cm,
max. load capacity: 80 kg at 366 cm height,
Adaptor: 1 1/8 inch spigot