T-Bar with Harting and 6 Schuko sockets

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Please add following accessories:
Z-STHAR29Female Insert 16-pin for Harting connector19.87 €
Z-STHAR21Harting connector 16 pin housing, side entry18.54 €
TA-1940TV Spigot 28mm, w. drilling M1014.11 €
Z-K-HAR0110Harting Power Cable 16-Pole, 10m110.67 €
Z-K-HAR0120Harting Power Cable 16-Pole, 20m155.89 €
Z-K-HAR0130Harting Power Cable 16-Pole, 30m204.68 €


Aluminium bar for stage spot lights on a tripod stand
Manufacturer: Kelvin-


Connection by one Harting 16-pin connector.
With 12 mm hole and 6 metric screws to mount 6 spot lights.
Max. load 250 volts / 16 amps per channel.
Please ashure the max. allowed current of your connection cables.