Follow Spot Light T-1200W MH

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Please add following accessories:
Z-L-9370Lamp MSR 1200W G22270.13 €
Z-K-NETG115Schuko Extension Cable Rubber 15 meter28.44 €
TA-1881Tripod Stand for Follow Spot284.41 €
TA-1941TV Spigot with plate29.46 €
Z-K-NETG125Schuko Extension Cable Rubber 25 meter38.08 €


Manufacturer: Kelvin


With separate ballast.
With fan cooling
Iris diaphragm for the fast beam diameter adjustment.
Adjustable balance.
The light intensity is about 2000 W halogen light.
max. 1500 lux / 30m
G22 Lamp to be ordered separately.
Supply voltage 220 - 240V.
Length 100cm