Super-Tracer 2500W HTI Follow Spot

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Please add following accessories:
TA-1881Tripod Stand for Follow Spot284.41 €
TA-1941TV Spigot with plate29.46 €
Z-K-NETG210Schuko Extension Cable Rubber 10 meter 2,5²37.65 €


Extreme powerful follow-spot for beam throws up to 70 m.
Manufacturer: Kelvin Italy


With control console, dimmer, diaphragm and focus for sharp beam shapes.
Integrated colour changer with 7 dichro colours + white + rainbow filter.
Manually adjustable zoom optics 7° - 16°
Light intensity max. 2013 Lux at 30 meters distance
Tracer-function gives a dimmed small spot to search the exact position befor highlighting the scene.
The lamp HTI 2500 W has to be ordered separately.
Dimensions of projector: 150 x 37 x 43,5 cm, weight 38 kg
Dimensions of ballast: 52,5x 35x 25 cm, weight 33 kg