HAF 6x 500W S, Theatre Flood Light Ramp

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Please add following accessories:
TA-1912-3Aluminium die-cast Swivel Truss Clamp 50mm 100 kg13.69 €
TA-1072Barn Door for HAF 500 2 leaf36.30 €
TA-1923-SSafety Line 75cm /4mm /Quick8.28 €
Z-L-9008Halogen Lamp 400W (500W) R7s, 118mm ECO Brand3.22 €
TA-1078Safety Glass For HAF 50016.42 €
Z-L-9004-MHalogen Lamp 230W R7s, 118mm3.95 €


Stage lighting ramp with 6 halogen floodlights 500 watt, symmetric light
Manufacturer: Kelvin Italy


4 individually switchable light chambers, each fitted with 300W or 500W R7s tubular halogen lamp.
The bulbs ordered separately.
Supplied with grilles and color filters support.
Optional barn doors can be fitted.
In combination with color filters may only be fitted with these floodlights 300W lamps. With or without colors colored glasses can 500w lamps.
Dimensions: W 1200 x H 155 mm.