Solar Power Supply for Water Pumps 4kW

Item number: S-SOLW730

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Independent photovoltaic power supply. Isle system to operate water pumps max. 3 HP. Completed package with PV-modules, batteries and inverter.
Manufacturer: GEO-Technik


Solar powered PV isle energy system for generating of 220V AC voltage for pump motors.
For equatorial regions, Africa, South America, desert countries, Philippines ...

Solar module power: 4 KWp
Max. motor power: 4 KW
Starting power: 5 KW (1 min.)
System: 220V - 230V 1 phase.
This system provides electrical energy only during the day. The pumps will stop during the night.
For reduced pumping operation in the early morning and to allow soft motor starting,
this system has a VFC regulator, wich automatically reduces the frequency for slower motor speed.
Monocrystalline solar panels, dustproof sealed, thunderstorm-proof, lifespan aprx. 25 years.
The high quality solar cell technology also ensures water pumping during overcasted sky (reduced pumping power).
Ambient temperature: -40°C bis + 60°C
Electrical power inverter 230V 0,1 - 50Hz mono, sine wave.
MPPT motor controller with overload and over temperature protection.
Suitable for single phase motors: 220V - 230V / 50Hz-60Hz max 4 kw (apprx. 4 HP)
The required place for the modules is aprox. 32 sqm.
The controller should be installed in a shady room, to have reduced ambient temperatures, to provide the guaranteed lifetime.

System consisting of:
16 Solar Modules german manufactured.
Guarantee 5 Years / power guarantee 80% for 20 Years,
Metal ground supporting structure galvanized, for the modules,
MPPT charge regulator with 30% power increasing and motor converter,
Guarantee 5 Years,
Junction box with fuses, wires, connectors, breakers are included.
Mounting truss array for roof or floor mount of the solar modules.
Electrical planning of the system is included in the price.
The installation of the system is NOT included.
Concreting of the module supporting is NOT included.