Photovoltaic Solar Water Heating System 1kW

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Hot water heater with solar energy through PV modules. Cheaper than solar thermal and easier in installation.
Manufacturer: GEO-Technik


Solar electric powered heating system - maintenance-free.
During the day, the system generates electricity from the solar panels and supplies a site existing water boiler.
The electrical energy is converted into heat and will be stored in the boiler for several days, depending on the isolation.
The warm water can be taken any day or night.
In dark days of winter the water heating is low. Therefore, we recommend using an electric powered or gas-powered auxiliary heater,
which can be switched on automatically at night if necessary.
With 4 mono-crystalline solar modules, each 235Wp sealed, and hail resistant, life expectancy around 25 years.
The high quality solar cell technology also ensures minimum heating on cloudy days.
Including electrical immersion heater element with adjustable thermostatic switch 40° - 80°C
Outside winding ISO 228 -1 / G 1 ¼
Screw-in length of the immersion heater element: max. 300 mm
Operating voltage: 120V ( on special order 48 V )
Current max. 8.33A / 120V ( 21A/48V )
All components are included, except of the boiler.
Mounting hooks for the solar modules to be mounted on sloped roof.
Cables and terminals, and fuse.
The system is maintenance free, only in winter, the modules should be cleared of snow.
The space, required for installation of solar panels is about 8 square meters.