Photovoltaic Solar Water Heating System 1kW

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Hot water heater with solar energy through PV modules. Cheaper than solar thermal and easier in installation.
Manufacturer: GEO-Technik


Solar electric water heater - maintenance free.
This photovoltaic system has the advantage over solar thermal, that it can be installed much easier.
There are no water pipes to be laid.
Areas of use, camping, garden shed or retrofit energy saving installations.
During the day, the system generates electrical power from the solar modules and supplies a boiler on site.
The electrical energy is converted into heat and stored in the boiler for several days, depending on the insulation.
The warm water can be taken anytime during the day or at night.
On dark winter days, the warming of the water is low. Therefore, we recommend an auxiliary heating via the electrical grid or gas-powered,
which can be automatically switched on in the evening if necessary.
The 4 polycrystalline solar modules, each 265Wp are sealed and hail-resistant, life expectancy about 25 years.
The high-quality solar cell technology also ensures reduced heating in cloudy skies.
In sunshine, 300 liters of water are heated from 20°C to 40°C within 6.5 hours.
Smaller water tanks are heated faster.
The electric heating element has a thermostat that can be set between 40° and 80°C.
External thread ISO 228 -1 / G 1 ¼
The threading length of the element is a maximum of 300 mm
Supply voltage (specify when ordering): 48V or 120V
Operating current max. 21A (48V) / 8.33A (120V)
The kettle is not included.
Mounting hook for the solar modules for mounting on pitched roof.
Cables and terminals, and fuse.
The system is maintenance-free, only in winter the modules should be freed of snow.
All components are delivered, but without boiler.