Solar Battery Charge Controller 45A 12V - 24V

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Intelligent Solar Charge Controller 45 amp
Manufacturer: Kelvin


voltage regulation
floating charge
automatic reconnection
automatic selection of voltage (12V/24V)
Intelligent temperature compensation
high voltage disconnection (HVD)
low voltage disconnection (LVD)
Display State of Charge (SOC)
Recover set after start up with load
Automatic recovering program depending on battery charge
Visual CPU LCD control on Ampere charge and discharge

Intelligent Solar Charge Controller Electronic Protections:
overloading protection
short circuit protection
reverse current protection
reverse polarity protection
lightning protection
overcharge protection
overdischarge protection

Intelligent Solar Charge Controller Specification:
CPU controlled 45A solar charge controller is able to adjust the charge current and decide if to supply the loads electricity according to the voltage of battery. The product also has following features:
1. Generally keep the battery on full voltage condition.
3. Prevent the battery from over-discharging.
4. Prevent supplying electricity from the battery to solar panels during nights.
5. Reverse Polarity Protection for Battery
6. Reverse Polarity Protection for Solar panels
7. When the current of load exceeds the rated one of controller, the controller will activate the protection mode and lock up, the screen shows ''Overload''.
8. When short circuit happens, the Controller will activate the protection mode and lock up, the screen show ''Short circuit''.
9. When the battery's voltage is low, the controller will automatically cut off loads from system and resume its working once the voltage of battery is back to normal.
10. Protection from the lightning strike
11. When Controller is normally working, the LCD Screen will show the voltage of battery, charging current and current of loads in turn in every 5 seconds.
12. Controller is always counting and saving the Charging Current Hours and Discharging Current Hours of the Battery.
13. When controller starts up, controllers will self-setup the Charging-off voltage, the Load-off voltage and the Load-on voltage according to the voltage of battery. These default parameters are setup as the standard environment temperature is 25 degrees Celsius.
14. According to vary system temperature; The controller will automatically compensate the temperature of the charging voltage.
15. Users could setup the Charge-on or off voltage, the load-off voltage, the Load-on voltage, etc, according to their requirements.
16. To prevent battery from over discharging, Controller will automatically control the lowest Load-off voltage of the load, which is no less than 10V (as per 12V battery) or 20V (as per 24V battery), or 42V (as per 48V battery). If voltage of the battery is less than 10V (or 20V, 42V), the button ''-'' will stop working.
17. To recover the default parameters, please keep pressing the button ''Menu'' for over 5 seconds.

Technical Data at 25°:
Max. load current =45A
Voltage Drop <280mv
Rated Voltage 12/24 V, 36V, 48V auto
High Voltage Disconnection 13.7V -27.4V
Low Voltage Disconnection 10.5V -21.0V
Low Voltage Reconnection 12.6V -25.2V
Temperature Compensation -3mv/°/cell
Max. own consumption =20mA
Biggest connection terminal 16mm²
Size 181x 80x 165mm