Mobile Solar Power Trailer Generator 6KW

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Independent Photovoltaic off-grid power supply generator 230V with PV modules, batteries and inverter 230 volt 6 kW.
Manufacturer: GEO-Technik


Solar powered PV isle energy system for generating of 230 V AC voltage 50 Hz.
Ready-to-use generator system, installed on a trailer.
Applications: Areas without electricity grid, events, houses with frequent power interruptions, rescue missions, THW, red cross , military or police.
For charging the container can be placed on a free field or any other place with direct sun radiation.
2 wings with the photovoltaic modules can be opened.
For generator use, the container has to be closed and moved to the destinated place.
All electrical connectors and circuit breakers are inside and the cables can be feeded thru a small opening.
On request, we can supply the generator with a closed container, to be locked against unpermitted access.

The solar system is available in two versions:
* With 2 inverters 1-phase 230V: With an alternating battery charging, an inverter switches off (dispensable consumers such as heating, air-conditioning, refrigerator)
The second inverter is used to supply all important consumers (telecommunications, computers, lighting, etc.).
* Or with a three-phase inverter that supplies 230V single-phase and 380V three-phase. (Without reserve circuit)

Photovoltaic modules:
Monocrystalline solar panels, sealed and hailproof,
The high-quality solar cell technology also ensures charging in a cloudy sky.
life expectancy approx. 25 years.
Power: 3600 watts total Wp

Battery store:
32 pcs maintenance-free high-performance solar rechargeable batteries, AGM longlife type.
Power capacity 76.8 KWh
Operating time with fully charged batteries and closed solar modules:
25 hours at 1500 watt continuous load,
12.5 h at 3000 w cont. load,
6.2 h at 6000 w cont. load.
The higher the power consumption, the shorter will be the operating time.
Charging time with direct sunlight 27 hours
Charging time in diffuse sunlight 48 hours

Output voltage: 230V 50Hz or 3* 230V (400V) three phase
Maximum power consumption 6000W
Continuous load max. 6000 watts
Peak load max. 7000 watts / 10 sec.
Pure sine wave
Frequency: 50 Hz +- 0,2%
max. Distortion 3% THD
Efficiency 85 - 90%
Power consumption at idle 0.4A / 48V
4 x Schuko socket 10A
4 x Schuko socket with screw connection 10A
4 x CEE connector 5-pole three-phase 16A
4 fuse devices 16A,
4 fuse devices 10A,
2 residual current circuit breaker 30mA.
Alarm function with low battery charge.
Protection against overload, incorrect polarity or short circuit.
Inside the generator container is an interior light.

Solar Charge Controller,
Over voltage protected
overload protection.

Dimensions: length 605cm, width 254cm, height 254cm.
When folded out: length 605cm, width 504cm, height 314cm.
The solar modules are mounted in aluminum frames.
The fold-out construction is made of galvanized steel.
The generator container consists of steel plate, scratch-resistant colored.
As an accessory, we offer a diesel generator unit, which is integrated into the container and automatically starts when the batteries are discharged, and which is wide