Off-Grid Solar Power System 230V 5kW

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Photovoltaic energy supply. Complete kit with PV-modules, batteries and inverter 230 volt.
Manufacturer: GEO-Technik


Solar powered PV isle energy system for generating of 230 V AC voltage 50 Hz.

Technical specifications:
Module power: 3760 Watt peak
Maximum consumer load capacity: 5 kW
Short-time peak load (inrush current) 7500 w
To supply electrical energy even at night or under cloudy sky, this system has an energy store with batteries.
The storing system is available in 3 different capacities:
Standard - 19 kWh (7 hours at 2500 watt continuous load or 19 h at 1kW)
Option 48 kWh ( 18 hours at 2500 watt continuous load)
Option 96 kWh ( 37 hours at 2500 watt continuous load)
The higher the power consumption, the shorter will be the operating time, until the batteries are discharged.
Continuous operation 320W - 1.1 kW (average sampling day and night, depending on the weather, sun and region)
On request, the energy store is also available in smaller stages to reduce costs.
This system can be linked with the 230V power grid or with an auxilliary Diesel generator for automatic backup.
The monocrystalline solar modules are sealed and resistant to thunderstorm or hail. Life expectancy about 25 years.
The high-quality solar cell technology has a high degree of efficiency and allows charging also at cloudy weather.
This system can be linked with the 230V power grid or with an auxilliary Diesel generator for automatic backup.

This system is supplied ready to mount including installation manual and:
16 pcs. monocrystalline solar panels, each 235Wp,
1 charge controller with overload and deep discharge protection.
Electrical power inverter 5000 watt 230V 50Hz, pure sine wave.
8 / 20 / 40 High power AGM solar batteries 12 Volt 200Ah longlife.
Mounting rails and brackets for installation of the solar panels on inclinated roofs. Other installation accessories on request.
Cables and clamps.
The required place for the modules is aprox. 27 sqm (4m * 6.5m).
The energy yield roughly equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of a 2-family house with 6 persons in Egypt,
or a 1-family house with 2 people in Germany.
The batteries should be installed in a cool place or a dry outdoor casing (casing is not included in this product set)