Solar Power Generator System 6 kW

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Independent photovoltaic power supply. Isle system for outdoor use in abroad area. Complete package with PV-modules, batteries and inverter 220 volt.
Manufacturer: GEO-Technik


Solar powered PV off-grid energy system for generating of 230V / 400V AC voltage 50 Hz 3 phases.

Module performance in the sunshine : 6100 watts peak
Power inverter 220-230V / 380-400V triphase sine wave 50Hz
Inverter maximum AC output power: 6kW
Short-time peak load ( inrush current for motors ): 7 kVA
To supply electrical energy even at night or under cloudy sky, this system has an energy store with batteries.
The storing system is available in 3 different capacities:
Standard - 29 kWh (6 hours at 3500 watt continuous load or 21 h at 1kW)
Option 48 kWh ( 10 hours at 3500 watt continuous load)
Option 96 kWh ( 20 hours at 3500 watt continuous load)
The higher the power consumption, the faster the buffer will be discharged.
Continuous operation 600W - 1.5 kW (average sampling day and night, depending on the weather, sun and region)
On request, the energy store is also available in smaller stages to reduce costs.
This system can be linked with the 230V power grid or with an auxilliary Diesel generator for automatic backup.
The monocrystalline solar modules are sealed and resistant to thunderstorm or hail. Life expectancy about 25 years.
The high-quality solar cell technology allows charging also at cloudy weather.
This system can be linked with the 230V power grid or with an auxilliary Diesel generator for automatic backup.

The system is supplied ready for connection with instruction plan and consists of the following components:
26 monocrystalline solar panels, each 235Wp
Control unit and inverter with overload and deep discharge protection.
12 / 20 / 40 high power solar gel batteries 12 Volt longlife.
Inverter 230V 6000 watts continuous power, pure sine wave, trouble free.
Cables and terminals.
The required place for the modules is aprox. 45 sqm.
Installation of batteries and controller must be in a dry place.
Alternatively we provide a rigid weatherproof housing
and a mounting truss array for floor mount of the solar modules.