Solar Power + Lighting for Home 800W

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Complete solar electricity and lighting system for cottage and home in Africa, Asia or South America.
Manufacturer: GEO-Technik


Complete package with LED lamps, solar panels, batteries and solar controller.
System voltage: 24V
Capacity: 3600 Wh
Easy to install - including setup manual.
High quality monocrystalline solar-cells (tempered glass encapsulated, protected against salty mist and humidity)
This modern cell technology has a high degree of efficiency and allows charging also at cloudy weather.
Life expectancy aprx. 25 years
4 modules, each 200wp
Efficiency: > 16%
nominal voltage 37.3 volt
idle voltage 50.9 volt
nominal current 5,46 amp
short-circuit current 5.81 amp
Dimensions: 1650 x 951 x 46mm
Solar cells with solid aluminium-frame
MPPT regulator system for up to 30% better energy efficiency of the solar modules.
Deep discharge protection for the batteries.
Maintenance free and sealed AGM batteries for cyclic operation.
Battery lifetime: Aprx. 10 years / 21°C

4 pcs. PV monocrystalline solar panel 200Wp
2 pcs. AGM longlife battery 12V/150Ah
Stable control box with solar charge controller 24V/ 35A
5 pcs. 12V/ 6W LED bulbs
5 pcs. E27 fitting & chain switch for DC light with 10m cable
1 pc. 10m cable with plug for solar panel

Steel power box:
with built-in 35A controller
with PV input socket
5 lamp output connectors 12V (for the included lamp cables)
2 output connectors 24V for external devices (TV, refridgerator, fan)
USB outlet 5V for cellphone charging
including 1 adaptor cable for all common mobile phone models.
with cigarette lighter socket for small power inverter
Fuse for full protection
voltmeter for battery voltage display