Solar Battery AGM 12V 55Ah

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Maintenance-free lead-acid rechargeable longlife battery for deep cycle use.
Manufacturer: Kelvin


Hermetically closed and sealed
Lead Acid (Pb).
Impact resistant plastic housing
Battery robust construction
Completely maintenance free
Location independent mounting
High capacity in a small volume
Useful life up to 10 years
Safety valve for pressure regulation
No dangerous goods according to IATA / ICAO A67
Good high power performance
Low self-discharge
Capacity: 56 Ah / C20
Life time in average: 10 years / 20°C.
Cyclic operation: More than 1000 charging cycles (30% discharging).
Especially recommended for solar and photovoltaic systems.
Voltage: 12 V
Charging current: 16.5 A
Terminals: Screws M5
Dimensions: l 275mm, w 175mm, h 190mm

Ambient temperatures:
Recommended range 10° - 30°C deg
Max. 50° C at reduced life time.
Short time: 60°C deg may not be exceeded.