Solar Battery AGM 12V 55Ah

Item number: S-AKK12S65

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Maintenance-free lead-acid rechargeable longlife battery for deep cycle use.


Hermetically closed and sealed
Lead Acid (Pb).
Impact resistant plastic housing
Battery robust construction
Completely maintenance free
Location independent mounting
High capacity in a small volume
Useful life up to 10 years
Safety valve for pressure regulation
No dangerous goods according to IATA / ICAO A67
Good high power performance
Low self-discharge
Capacity: 56 Ah / C20
Life time in average: 10 years / 20°C.
Cyclic operation: More than 1000 charging cycles (30% discharging).
Especially recommended for solar and photovoltaic systems.
Voltage: 12 V
Charging current: 16.5 A
Ambient temperatures:
Recommended range 10° - 30°C deg
Max. 50° C at reduced life time.
Short time: 60°C deg may not be exceeded.
Dimensions: l 275mm, w 175mm, h 190mm