Solar Gel Battery 12V 200Ah

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Maintenance-free lead-acid rechargeable battery SGT C-185 for long-term use.
Manufacturer: Kelvin


Hermetically closed and sealed - non spillable
Lead gel battery, maintenance-free.
Average life expectancy: 10 years / 20°C
24 month garanty.
For cyclic operation: More than 1500 charging cycles (30% discharging).
Especially suitable for photovoltaic power supply systems.
Capacity: 185Ah C5 / 210 Ah C20
Max. charging current 60 amp.
Terminals with screws M8
Dimensions: l 522mm, w 240mm, h 218 / 240mm

Permissible ambient temperature:
Recommended range 10° - 30°C
max. 50°C at a reduced service life.
Short term: 60°C must not be exceeded.