Solar Road Marker Light

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LED solar powered pavement edge warning light with flashing or continuous light for traffic security applications.
Manufacturer: Kelvin


Fields of application: working sites, crash sites, access roads for rescue services, danger areas.
Installation on the side of the roads - not in the middle.
Sidewise light-distribution through 3 LEDs on both sides.
Blinking, 2 flashes per second.
Light-color yellow (other colours are optional).
Life-span of the LEDs: 100.000h.
With NiMH rechargable battery for approx. 50h continuous operation (approx. 5 years life-span).
Recharge-process through the solar-panel on the top.
Automatically activates on darkness.
Massive construction (aluminium die-cast) with polycarbonate protection glass.
The marking-lights are flat on the bottom for placing the marking-light on the ground,
but it is also possible to fix the lights through two bore-holes.
Should be positioned in places with daylight / solar radiation, avoid permanently dark places.
On the side is a switch to choose from the three available modes:
blinking (2 flashes / sec.) / off / constant light.
This lighting-fixture is very resistant (up to 5 tons) and can therefore be run over by heavy vehicles.
Dimensions: 108 x 97mm, height 23mm