Special Kit 4 Autumn for LT-SOL0X-D

Order code: LT-SOL69-2H

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Availability: Production in our facilities


Extension set for LT-SOL06, LT-SOL07 or LT-SOL-SPOT for longer autarkic time operation during cloudy weather.
Manufacturer: GEO-Technik


Double solar panel power 40W.
Stronger lead-acid battery.
Brighter bulbs.
about 5 Lx lamp brightness at 10.0 m distance,
about 1 Lx lamp brightness at 22.3 m distance.
This option is only available in conjunction with the corresponding solar light.
A later addition to this set is no longer possible !
At dark and cloudy weather or thunderstorm will be no charge. Nevertheless, this extension provides 50% extra backup time.