LED Solar Street Pole Light Unique

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Nice PV lamp post, LED powered by solar cells - with pole for public garden or pathways. Made in Germany.
Manufacturer: GEO-Technik


Timeless design that fits both, in the Old City, as well as in modern pedestrian zones, parks and footpaths.
The light distribution is round, to all directions.
Solar panel 12V 20W, polycrystalline or monocrystalline silicon cell module. Hermetically enclosed, aprx. 25 years lifespan.
This modern module technology has a high degree of efficiency and allows charging also at cloudy weather.
Continous working duration under cloudy weather: 3 days / 30h
The light controlling system is dawn /dusk dependent and with programmable timer.
Battery: Solar power gel accumulator 12 volt maintenance-free. Life expectancy: 5-8 years.
With overcharge protection, deep discharge protection and charge temperature compensation.
Neither needing any electrical wire, nor ditching to arrange the wire, it is so easy to fix and use them.
According to the different configuration, it can be used for three to seven days after one whole day charging.
Without any pollution: Unique Solar lights are safe, energy saving and environmental protective, and they are very suitable to illuminate streets, schools, parks, villas, courtyards, gardens, and so on.
Including longlife LED lamp. - as bright as 60 watt (incandescent lamp)
Enlighted area aprx. 15m Ø
Total height 320cm.
Ambient temperature: - 20 deg C ... + 55 deg C
Inclusive steel pole 3 meter hot-dip galvanized (optionally powder coated) to mount into earth / concrete.
Vandalism-proof. With service door (special tool required)
Dimensions of the lamp head: Depth 310mm, Width 450mm, height 400mm
Protection IP44, class II
20 years spareparts avalability guarantee.
Minimum ordering quantity 4 pcs.