LED SOLAR Park Pole Light RING

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One of the best designed solar powered street lighting fixture for public gardens. Made in Germany.
Manufacturer: GEO-Technik


Light source power LED.
Brightness 600 lm = 60 watt incandescent.
High quality monocrystalline solar-module (protected against wind, dirt and snow) aprx. 25 years lifetime.
This modern cell technology has a high degree of efficiency and allows charging also at cloudy weather.
Longlife power AGM battery DC12V, maintenance-free. Life time: 5-8 years.
Microprocessor control unit with solar power input regulator for optimated battery charging and extended battery life.
Overvoltage and deep discharge protection for the storage battery.
Event memory to read out informations for your computer.
Programmable light control for switching on and off, depending on dawn or time or with midnight-brake.
Material of lamp structure: Stainless steel, lamp shade glass.
Technical datas:
Daily operation at cloudy weather: 5 days (Autarkic running hours 60 h at full charged battery).
Ambient temperature: -20 deg C ~ +40 deg C (on request -70 deg C ... +85 deg C)
Pole material: Galvanized steel (on request with additional scratch-proof painting).
Total height 400 cm
Protection degree: IP54
MOQ 2 pcs. (production on demand).