Solar LED Floodlight with Pole and IR motion sensor

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Solar powered led light fixture with 4m pole and PIR detector. Made in Germany. Lighting on demand.
Manufacturer: GEO-Technik


Adjustable LED projector with pure-aluminium reflector for high light output.
The light intensity is comparable to 200 watt halogen light.
High quality monocrystalline solar-module 20W (Protected against wind, dirt and snow) aprx. 20 years lifespan.
This modern cell technology has a high degree of efficiency and allows charging also at cloudy weather.
With movement detector. The light starts only during darkness and if anybody enters the detection area.
Battery: Special solar gel accumulator 12 volt, long life time: 5-8 years.
With electronic charge and system controler for optimated battery charging and extended battery life.
Controller: Automatic Stand-By function by the light sensor at dawn.
PIR Sensor: Adjustable presence detector, detection area of 12m.
Lighting duration adjustable from 10 sec. - 10 min.
Daily lighting periods:
400 lamp starts for 2 minutes or 180 illuminations for 5 minutes.
(Optionally available with extended lighting time or for continuous operation.)
Lighting distance aprx. 10m.
Total height 440cm
Pole: Galvanized steel Ø 60mm, height 3 meter + earth end 600mm for concreting,
(optionally additionally powder coated or with floor mounting plate for bolting).
Vandalism-proof. With service door (special tool required).
Protection IP44, class II.
Alternative version is available with LED for continuous lighting, without presence detector.