LED Street Light Bell Shape

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Decorative Luminaire with bracket arm for public garden, city center, bridge and market place, etc.
Manufacturer: Kelvin


Economical and decorative LED street light pole and luminaire.
Lamp made of cast aluminum, powder-coated or painted in RAL color of your choice
Frosted or clear PMMA cover with bayonet mount, 400mm diameter
Average life expectancy of LEDs: 60,000 hours.
Optimal thermal management with liquid cooling of the LEDs without mechanical cooling fan, thus maintenance-free.
Very economical - high efficiency of the lamp.
Dimmable power LED lamp 32W.
Light color: Neutal white 3500K or warm white 2700K
Dimming possible of the entire light, to provide only the required brightness depending on the installation site.
Adjustable power reduction (half-night circuit) with a slow dimming transition, over second phase or 10V input.
5 LED segments are arranged cone-shaped to provide an uniform and large illuminating range.
Individual LED segments can be switched off, to have light emission only in selected directions,
Thus, each lamp can be adapted to the particular installation site quickly and efficiently on site.
This streetlight emits no UV light and thereby attracts no insects. The fixture stays clean longer and thus without cobwebs.
The Bell LED lights are almost maintenance-free, have very long lifetimes and require only a quarter of the current as conventional mercury vapor lamps.
The light is warm, evenly lit and not shining into the surrounding windows.
Including LED supply unit.
recommended mounting heights 4m to 7m
Ambient temperature -30 °C to +55 °C
Supply voltage: 220V - 240 V AC
LED current selectable between 35mA to 500mA
Protection class I, IP65
Overall dimensions: diameter 690mm, height 635mm.
Conversion of old lights on request!