LED Park Street Light Lantern with Pole 20W

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Decorative and blind-free post top LED lantern fixture with steel pole and energy economizing LED. Height 3.40 meters
Manufacturer: Kelvin


Die-cast aluminium base in RAL 9006 grey colour (alternatively black or white).
UV stabilized transparent acrilyc screen (on request polycarbonate prismatic).
Corrosion, seawater and salty humidity resistant.
Internal louvre compliant with most restrictive standards in terms of light pollution.
Ample aluminium reflecting cap, painted outside in base colour and white inside.
With silicon rubber sealing.
For mounting on poles with 60 mm diameter.
The electrical connection is made via a connector plug for better service-friendliness. The matching connector is included.
Including power SMD LED lamp 20W.
The LED light source can be replaced directly on the mast within less than a minute.
Luminous flux: 2005 Lm
Light color 4000K pure white (at 10 pcs also 3000K warm white)
Light emission: 360 degrees circular
Especially economical - high efficiency of the lamp -
The brightness is comparable with 70W HQL mercury vapor lamp or a 70W sodium vapor lamp.
Life span: > 50,000 hrs
Mushroom LED lights do not emit UV light and thereby attract no insects. The light stays longer clean and thus without cobwebs.
The LED mushroom light is virtually maintenance free, has a very long service life, only need a quarter of the electricity as conventional mercury vapor lamps.
The light is comfortable warm, lit evenly and not hidden in the surrounding windows.
Including LED supply unit.
Operating voltage 230V (85 ... 265V AC) 50 / 60Hz
Power consumption: 20 watts
Integrated power stabilization, which ensures constant light intensity, even with fluctuating line voltage.
For mounting on poles with 60 mm diameter.
Ambient temperature: -40°C ... +45°C
Protection degree: IP66
Insulation class II
Dimensions: diameter 450mm, height 418mm.
Including galvanized steel pole.
Height: 3m
Inground: 60cm
Total height of the fixture: 3400 mm