Street Light Pole 6m with 70W HPS Sodium Euro Light

Item number: LS-ZM710

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Energy economizing HPSV street lamp 70 watt with 6 meter steel pole and davit, made in Europe
Manufacturer: Kelvin


Despite the low power consumption, this streetlight gives as much light as a 300 watt halogen lamp.
Including HPS lamp NAV-TE 70W E27 (yellowish light color)
With ballast, ignitor and capacitor.
Operating voltage: 220V - 240V 50Hz - 60Hz.
Operating current: 0.42 A
Start current: 5 - 8A
Wind load: 0,150 m²
Inkluding galvanized steel pole with 6 meters height and side arm.
The post has a locked service door and a wiring box with fuse.
Examples of the mast spacing:
6m mast, 18.5 m distance (17 lux)
Hint: The common, old street lights with 40W double fluorescent tube can be replaced by this lamp. In conjunction with a high pressure sodium lamp as NAT 70W
you save energy, maintenance costs and provide much better illumination.
Reflector: Pure anodised aluminum, with wide light distribution. Cut-off optic, to access the lamp.
Housing: Die-cast aluminum for optimal heat dissipation and long lamp life. Light gray coated.
The cover is secured with a stainless steel clip, for easy access to the terminals.
Mounting on boom poles or straight poles 60 - 61 mm.
IP66 (splash-proof, sand storm proof).
CE approved.
Dimensions: l 600 mm x w 275 mm x height 260 mm.