Concrete Lighting Mast 9m

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Please add following accessories:
W-SCH92Pole Key11.78 €
LS-ZM951Top Cap for Lighting Pole 76mm16.66 €
M-FARB-ZMPainting of a Lighting Pole per Meter30.94 €
LS-148LED Street Light Fixture Slim 130W558.11 €
Z-GEHVS3Street Light Pole Junction Box 16²59.50 €


Corrosion proof streetlight pole for coast regions. Resistant against storms.
Manufacturer: EU Produktion


The mast is internally hollow for pulling through electr. Cables.
With lockable service door for mounting the connection box.
Resistance to cyclones up to 300 km / h
Braid Ø300 / 60.0 mm
Feet Ø480 / 70.0 mm
Welding Ø5
Wendel foot Ø5 / 4cm
Quiver / mast smooth next door 2 Ø16,
L = 2.5 m
18.0 mm / m
12 Ø12.5 mm strands
1400 N / mm²
Clear height 9 meters
Ground section 1000 mm
Color gray natural
Minimum order quantity: 10 pcs.