Street Lighting Pole 8m conical with davit

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Please add following accessories:
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Z-GEH28Wire Connection Box AP 95x 95mm IP6513.33 €
W-SCH92Pole Key11.78 €
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LS-146LED Street Light Fixture Slim 90W629.51 €
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Z-GEHVS3Street Light Pole Junction Box 16²59.50 €


Hot dip galvanized steel pole for streetlight. 8 m high with sidearm.
Manufacturer: Made in Germany


Light pole, resistant to vandalism and environmental influences.
Dip galvanized steel, weather-and corrosion-resistant
Painting: Against surcharge available with additional powder coating in any RAL colour.
Steel pole DIN EN 40-4.
Lockable service door: 85 x 400 mm.
To install a street light pole with a side shot.
Dimensions: length = 8000 mm h1 / h2 soil = 1200 mm
Side arm: 1500 mm
Mast-end pigtail Ø = 76 mm
foot diameter d2 = 199 mm / s = 3 mm wall thickness
Foundation depth 130cm