LED Street Light Fixture 120W Module

Item number: LS-122

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Very bright LED street pole light 24VDC or 100V - 260V. About 60% energy economization.
About 10 years no lamp replacement, no maintenance costs, no reflectors cleaning.
The LED don't emit any UV light, so there are almost no insects attracted.
Pleasant, low-glare, very bright, good visibility, durable and reliable in operation.
For huge highways, intersections or places.
Equivalent to 180W MH / sodium = 250W mercury lamp.
With 48 pcs. Osram power LED
Improved heat distribution by the use of many small LEDs wich extends the service life.
Color temperature: 4000K (on request 3000K or 6000K)
LED nominal power: 114W
Luminous flux: > 12920 lm
Central illumination: > 22lux (9m)
Average illumination: > 23lux (9m)
Color temperature: 3000K - 5500K
Different dimming options against surcharge:
half-light: with power reduction, switchable 50% - 100%,
1-10V: infinitely dimmable,
PWM: digital infinitely dimmable,
timer dimmer: 100% power in the first 3 hours, reduced to 50% for the next 5 hours and the rest of the time with 100% again.
From 100 pcs order, we can provide special designs with other dimming or switching times as you wish.
This light fitting consists of several LED modules wich can be replaced easily, if required.
Recommended pole height: 8 - 11m
Best distance from pole to pole: 30m - 37m
Post side entry mounted. Pole: 60mm Ø
Protection grade: IP66
Resistance: IK10
Environment temperature: -35°C ... +50°C
Working voltage: AC 100V ... 240V 50Hz - 60Hz
Rated power: 120 W
Power factor > 0.90
Approval certificates: CE & RoHS
Housing: aluminium die-cast, grey surfaced (other colours on request)
Dimensions: 720mm x 339mm
MOQ: 10 pcs.