Pendant Light Bistro 40cm E

Item number: LP-B40-E

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Please add following accessories:
Z-L-LE27X23Energy Saving Lamp E27 SL 23W, Spiral Narva8.39 €
Z-L-LE27X15Energy Saving Lamp E27 SL 15W, Spiral5.71 €
Z-L-LE27S25Energy Saving Lamp E27 SL 25W 3U Premium7.93 €
Z-LED-E27G40LED Globe Lamp 120mm E27 dimming 13W32.13 €



With acrylic reflector and E27 lamp holder.


Acrylic reflector light transparent 42cm.
Suitable for lamp 160W E27 MLR or energy saving lamp.
(Please order lamp separately)
With hanging rope 150cm and ceiling canopy.
Aluminum-gray housing.
Lamp flame resistant to 650 ° C.
IP23, diameter 420mm, height 400mm.