Emergency Exit Light LED with Battery

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Emergency light with battery, LED lamp 4W and escape symbols. IP54 for wet environment
Manufacturer: Kelvin


Universal fixture for wall / ceiling surface mount or pendant mounting.
Large illuminated surface for the pictograph.
Large viewing distance: 24m according to DIN EN 60598 T2.22
With LED lamp 4W and NiMH accu 3.6V
The security light stays continuous on and switches automatically to battery, if power line fails.
A small red LED indicates if AC power line is present.
Autarkic operating time: 3 hours with the battery.
With LED function indicator, test button, deep discharge protection and electronic switching.
4 pictograms ESCAPE DIRECTION BGV A8 are included.
White plastic housing
Protection class IP54
Dimensions: Length 250mm, width 174mm, depth 34mm.