Office Stand Light Work Lite Floor 4x 55W

Item number: LI-7031

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Please add following accessories:
Z-L-L2G11-55Compact Fluorescent Lamp Dulux 55W 2G119.51 €


Exclusive and very powerful office stand light fixture with electronic ballast.
Manufacturer: Kelvin


Ideal for office, meeting rooms, etc.
Energy-saving fluorescent lamps, as bright as 2 x 500 watt halogen.
With flicker-free, electronic ballast.
Intensive Light distribution upwards and downwards.
Brightness in 2 levels switchable.
Please order fluorescent lamps extra: 4 x 2G11 55W
Voltage: 220 - 230V, energy-saving.
Colour: matte silver
Width: 600mm, height: 1850mm