MH Power Flood Light Nice 70W

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Please add following accessories:
TA-1912-3Aluminium die-cast Swivel Truss Clamp 50mm 100 kg14.99 €
Z-L-8220-NLamp HIT DE 70W Rx7s pure white11.19 €
Z-L-8220-WLamp HIT DE 70W Rx7s warm white11.19 €
Z-L-8252-NLamp CDM-TD /HCI-TS Ceramic 70W Rx7s pure-white21.42 €
Z-L-8252-WLamp CDM-TD /HCI-TS Ceramic 70W Rx7s warm-white21.42 €


Powerful, clear white spotlight for object illumination. 70 watt metal halide = as bright as 300w quartz
Manufacturer: Kelvin


Energy-saving metal halide discharge lamp.
Beam angle: 50° wide
Light range up to about 4m.
Integrated ballast and igniter. The lamp is not dimmable.
The HQI-TS 70W lamp (8.000h life) to be ordered extra.
Massive die-cast aluminum housing.
Silver Gray (on special order also white or black).