Recessed Light Fixture Kardan MR16, 2 lamps

Item number: LI-2011

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Please add following accessories:
TRF-H07Halogen-Transformer 12V 100VA sealed40.82 €
Z-L-8174FHalogen Lamp MR16 50mm 50W longlife 36°1.90 €
Z-L-8179GHalogen Lamp MR16 50W Color longlife, green6.82 €



Adjustable recessed downlight for 2 halogen lamps 50w.


Square recessed downlight for halogen reflector bulbs MR16 GU 5.3 to 50 watts.
Operating voltage 12V.
Please order separately: 12V bulb and transformer.
The light may be dimmed.
Dimensions: 140 x 240mm, Mounting hole: 110 x 220mm, depth 100mm.
Color: titanium gray