Clamp Exhibition Light Cool 515 with long-arm

Item number: LI-1162

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Display fixture for food and other sensitive merchandise goods.
Manufacturer: Made in Germany


Wide-angle display lamp, which emits no noticeable heat.
Ideal for lighting of food, plants and other heat-sensitive goods.
Energy consumption only 20 watts, long life 10,000 hours.
Including special fluorescent lamp.
Choice of warm white 2700K, neutral white 4000K or 6400K Daylight.
The brightness corresponds to about 100 watt halogen light.
Suitable impervious to shock, therefore exhibition rentals or regular exhibitors.
Lamp head: metal, white, adjustable.
Arm: white metal, 50cm length
2.50 m white power cord and plug.
With a strong screw for fixing to vertical partitions, Terminal section 8 ... 46 mm.