Drive-Over In Ground Light Fixture Crocket 15 Tons

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Very stable stainless steel 15 tons high load capacity groundlight. Drive over with truck or car.
Manufacturer: Kelvin Italy


Very robust floor lamp with stainless steel trim ring and tempered glass.
Optional ballast for fluorescent lamp 42W or 70W HID Metal Halide Lamp.
Light distribution symmetrical or asymmetrical can be adjusted on the lamp.
Max. load capacity: 15 tons at 30 km/h drive over or 5 tons static load.
Class II
Protection degree IP67
Casing temperature max. 75 deg C (42W) or 105 deg C (70W)
Dimensions: Max. top size 270mm
Max. total deepth: 510mm (42W) / 640mm (70W)