In-Ground Light 32cm MH-70 W Flood Outdoor

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Please add following accessories:
Z-L-8220-NLamp HIT DE 70W Rx7s pure white11.19 €
Z-L-8228-RLamp HIT DE 70W Rx7s colour magenta-red53.81 €
Z-L-8228-GLamp HIT DE 70W Rx7s colour green53.81 €
Z-L-8228-OLamp HIT DE 70W Rx7s colour orange53.81 €
Z-L-8228-BLamp HIT DE 70W Rx7s colour blue53.81 €
Z-LB32ZPlastic case for inground-mount of 320 Fixture35.11 €
Z-GEH02Cable T-Coupler IP6812.50 €


With asymmetric light distribution 150W metal halide. Stainless steel cover.
Manufacturer: Kelvin


Adjustable beam direction 0 - 15°.
With ballast and ignitor.
For metal halid discharge lamp HQI-TS 70W
Housing aluminium die-cast with built-in ballast and ignitor.
Protection class IP67
High load capacity up to 3000 kg (walk-over).
Prepared for series wiring.
Size: Outer Ø 320mm, inner Ø 290mm, depth 391mm.