Inground Light 26cm HID 70W adjustable

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Please add following accessories:
Z-L-8224-WHID Lamp 70W G12 warm white 3000K16.66 €
Z-L-8224-NHID Lamp 70W G12, pure white 4000K16.66 €
Z-L-8218-oHID Lamp MH-T 70W G12 colour orange61.64 €
Z-L-8218-GHID Lamp MH-T 70W G12 colour green61.64 €
Z-GEH01Cable Connection Muff Coupler IP689.95 €
Z-GEH02Cable T-Coupler IP6813.60 €


5t load, stainless steel inground fixture metal halide 70W with adjustable light beam, as bright as 300W halogen.
Manufacturer: Kelvin


With stainless steel cover frame.
Long throw light beam 15°
Beam direction adjustable +- 15°
Integrated ballast gear for metal halide lamp HQI-T 70W.
The lamp must be ordered extra.
Max. static load: 5000 kg
Operating voltage 230V
Casing IP67
Incl. additional plastic casing for easy recessed mounting.
Max. case temperature 101°C
Dimensions ø 265 mm, depth 215 mm, cut-out ø 260 mm.