LED Work Light 12V - 24V IP67 24W

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Small waterproof LED worklight for 12v, 24v, 36v, 48 volt - 80 volt battery. For fork lift, machines, boat or industry.
Manufacturer: Kelvin


An ideal floodlight for use in most battery operated vehicles, both civil (ships, mines, camper vans...)
or industrial (ships, cranes, earth moving machines, bulldozers, fork lifts...)
Complete with power LED ( 40000 h).
Very high light intensity 1800 lm,
Light colour: 6500K daylight white.
Beam spread 60°
Protection degree IP67
Dimensions: Ø 130mm, depth 50mm.
Floodlight with aluminium die-cast body extremely robust and compact,
Sealed, waterproof and maintenance free.
With a steel swivel mounting bracket through a coil, helping absorption of vibrations and also allowing small aiming adjustments.
Flexible supply voltage range from 9V to 80V DC allowing use with batteries, small generators and also in combination with solar photovoltaic panels.
Power consumption of only 24W and a powerful light beam.

Use: A LED work light with high efficiency and minimal power consumption requiring a very low
voltage power supply and with an high IP67 protection degree. A secure use in all situations were electrical safety needs require or suggest to employ low voltage.

On demand it can be supplied for use at line voltage (220/240 V).
In such case is required an external 12 volt power supply to be set separately, as the waterproof model available as an accessory.
Construction: die-cast aluminium body and antiscratch coated polycarbonate protection diffusor.
Equipped with a cable and a couple of waterproof connectors for a quick power connection.
The floodlight is supplied hermetically sealed. No maintenance is required.