Mobile Work Light with Battery and Stand 100 (1000W) LED

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Battery operated, portable LED floodlight, powerful with height-adjustable tripod stand for indoor / outdoor use.
Manufacturer: Kelvin


Battery powered floodlights for immediate use on construction sites, accidents, maintenance, repair, salvage, rescue, etc.
Shockproof and resistant to vibrations, as there exists no lamp filament, due the LED lamp.
No waiting time - instantly full brightness.
Including Power LED lamp 30000 h life time.
Available with a 100W LED light (as bright as 1000 watt halogen light) or with 2 floodlights (2 * 1000W).
Height adjustable stand 100cm to 250cm height.
Stable steel construction, galvanized. With brackets for cable tumbling.
The luminaire is adjustable and has a 5m long connection cable with plug.
The connection cable is plugged into the battery box, so the flood lights are ready to use.
In the portable battery box also the floodlights and cables are located, for easy transportation.
Autarkic operation time approx 7 hours.
By the integrated charger, the battery can be recharged via any 230V power supply. So the continuous operation of the work light is possible.
Internal Battery 12 V
Power consumption 120W or 240W
Protection degree IP65 (waterproof)
Gross weight of the box: 37kg (1 floodlight) / 53kg (2 floodlights)
As a special solution, we also offer solar-powered lights.