Lighting Package for Riding Field

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M-Hul81Recessed Plastic Tube for Lighting Pole up to 5m24.99 €


Lighting set with 4 poles for horse riding ring or smaller sports ground. (20m x 40m)
Manufacturer: GEO-Technik


With this kit you can light your ideal training ground and sports field.
Especially in the dark winter months, so that is an effective use of the various terrains.
Due to the low cost and easy installation, this set is a good choice for riding clubs and riding schools.
As bright, as 4x 1500 watt halogen light.

Complete set:
- 4 steel lighting poles 5 meter, galvanized
- 4 LED floodlights
- 4 Mounting brackets for the light fixtures
- 4 electrical junction box
- 50m ground cable