Outdoor Flood Light Exclu 150W HID

Item number: LA-1272-H

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Please add following accessories:
Z-L-8220-NLamp HIT DE 70W Rx7s pure white13.80 €
Z-L-8221-NLamp HIT DE 150W Rx7s pure white13.80 €
Z-L-8221-WLamp HIT DE 150W Rx7s warm white13.80 €
Z-L-8229-GLamp HIT DE 150W Rx7s colour green54.74 €
Z-L-8229-BLamp HIT DE 150W Rx7s colour blue54.74 €
Z-L-8229-OLamp HIT DE 150W Rx7s colour orange54.74 €
LS-ZM610Pole bracket 76mm for light fixtures22.61 €
LA-1099Wall Bracket Kelvin 90cm for heavy Floodlight58.31 €
LS-ZM611Pole mount clamp 60mm for light fixtures -A-30.94 €


Energy economizing outdoor flood light. 150 watt mh = as bright as 550w incandescent
With ballasted and Rx7s lamp holder.
The metal halide lamp has an excellent efficiency and long life.
Please order separately: The lamp HQI-TS 70W or 150W.
The lamp has a black aluminum casting with a swivel mounting bracket with a hole.
Dimensions: L 410mm, W 270mm