Outdoor Flood Light LUX 1000W HID SYM

Item number: LA-1247

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Please add following accessories:
Z-K-3X1,5GElectrical Cable 3G1,5 Rubber Isolated1.80 €
Z-K-3X2,5GElectrical Cable 3G 2,5 Rubber Isolated1.99 €
VG-1095Control Gear Box for MH / Sodium 1000W297.50 €
Z-L-8327Sodium Lamp HPS 1000W, E40 tubular89.25 €
Z-L-8356-BMetal Halide Lamp MH 1000W E40 Tubular, blue132.09 €
Z-L-8356-GMetal Halide Lamp HID 1000W E40 tubular, green132.09 €
Z-L-8376-9Metal Halide Lamp HID 1000W E40 Tubular 9.5amp122.57 €



High-Power lighting fixture for 1000 watt metal halide discharge lamp MH.
Kelvin Italy


Power consumption 1000 watt, the brightness is like 4000 watts halogen.
To be used with metal halid discharge lamp HPI-T E40 1000 watts. (to be ordered separately.)
Not dimmable.
Lamp starting time aprx. 2 - 3 minutes. Life time 8.000 hours
Lamp and separate ballast unit have to be ordered extra.
Housing: Aluminium die-cast, with hardened protection glass and temperature proof sealing.
With adjustable mounting bracket.
Splash water proof IP65
Dimensions: w 650mm, h 610mm.