Fluorescent Outdoor Flood Light ACT 2x26W - 42W

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Please add following accessories:
LS-ZM610Pole bracket 76mm for light fixtures22.61 €
Z-L-LGX24Q26Compact Fluorescent Lamp GX24q-3 26W8.81 €
Z-L-LGX24Q42Compact Fluorescent Lamp GX24q-4 42W9.67 €
LS-ZM611Pole mount clamp 60mm for light fixtures -A-30.94 €


Floodlight luminaire for professional use. Instant starting. As bright as 400 watt halogen light. For ware house, cinema, clean-up lighting, public lighting.
Manufacturer: LEG Illumination


Powerful and compact floodlight for indoor or outdoor use.
With asymmetrical light distribution.
Special built for low power consumption and long-time operation.
Built-in electronic multiwatt ballast for instant light start.
For compact fluorescent lamps 2 pcs. 26W, 32W or 42W ( lamps have to be ordered extra ).
This light source has an excellent efficiency.
Aluminium die-cast housing black (white or gray). With adjustable mounting bracket.
Protection class IP66 waterproof.
CE approved.
Dimensions: w 290 mm, l 380 mm, d 130 mm.

In its ''Fluo'' version its wide optics has been exploited to host two amalgam technology 26W, 32W or 42W compact fluorescent lamps with a GX24q-3 or GX24q-4 socket with efficiency and a limited power consumption that classify ACT Fluo as an energy saving floodlight.
Incorporated electronic ''multiwatt'' ballast, that guarantees long term efficiency and operation as well as a great stability in emitted light parameters,
also offers to ACT Fluo the interesting ability to operate, with its single ballast, lamps of three different powers: 2x26W, 2x32W and 2x42W are in fact all allowed combinations.
Power comparison of the above lamps with equivalent incandescent bulbs: 2x26W FSM =150W incandescent. 2x32W FSM =300W inc. 2x42W FSM =400W inc.