Light Consoles 100 channel and more

Hydra Space, Sky and Spirit are the three new professional DMX 512 lighting boards with different equipment. In addition, there is every model in the compact touring version including a 17-inch LCD monitor.
All consoles include the simulation software Capture LT-Edition. Such a show may already be planned and designed in advance on the PC, even without console.
All models have an Ethernet port for connecting multiple consoles.
A show can be stored on the internal hard disk, on floppy disk or via USB to the Memory Stick (the Tour versions have no floppy drive).
The operating concept is the same for all models: A show can be transferred from one console to another. The new software has many new features and easier programming. So there is a fan-out and flip function that facilitates the positioning of moving lights, plus automatic figures for Movements. There are two editors, Stage and Blind. They allow fast programming of scenes, groups, and effects,
As accessories: remote control over Ethernet, DMX / Ethernet wireless transmission.

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