MPPT Solar Battery AC Power-Inverter 48V 230V 4kVA

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MPPT solar charger and power converter from 48V dc battery voltage into 230 volt ac line voltage 3000 watt, 4000 VA.
Manufacturer: Kelvin


For mobile power supplies or photovoltaic solar power systems.
Battery charging is possible by grid or by solar power.
Continuous power: 3000W / 4000 VA
Output voltage: 230V 50 -60Hz, auto-sensing
Pure sine wave output
For battery systems: 48V via terminals
Solar module power: Max. 3000W
Max. module charging current: 60A
Solar module voltage range: 60V - 115V DC
Maximum power point tracking adjusts the solar module voltage to the battery voltage for up to 30% better efficiency.
Grid input: 90-280V 50 - 60Hz
Max. grid charging current: 20 / 30A
Efficiency: 98%
Short circuit protection and overload shutdown.
Standby power consumption only 2W
Temperature range: 0 - 50°C
Housing: Aluminium 140 x 300 x 456mm