MPPT Solar Battery AC Power-Inverter 48V 230V 4kVA

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MPPT solar charger and power converter into 230 volt ac line voltage 3000 watt, 4000 VA. For 48V battery backup.
Manufacturer: Effekta


Pure sine wave inverter for mobile power supplies or photovoltaic solar power systems.
The battery charging can be done via solar panels, the mains grid or a diesel generator.
- High-frequency transformer inside
- Surge capacity for inductive loads
- Built-in advanced DSP-controlled MPPT solar charge controller and configurable
- AC/Solar input priority via LCD setting
- Compatible to grid voltage or generator power
- Selectable input voltage range for home appliances and personal computers
- Smart battery charger design for optimized battery performance
- Overload, short-circuit, over temperature, low/high voltage protection

Inverter output:
Output voltage: 230V 50 -60Hz, auto-sensing
1 phase (for 3 phases output, 3 inverters have to be linked together)
Up to 6 units can be connected in parallel for power increasing up to 30,000VA)
Pure sine wave
Continuous Load: 4000VA / 3200W

Solar Input:
Maximum Power Point Tracking regulates the optimal adjustment of the module voltage to the battery voltage for 30% higher performance.
Max. Charging current: 80A
Solar module power: Max 4000W.
Solar Voltage: 60V - 145V DC

Grid input:
90-300V 50 - 60Hz

For battery voltage: 48V with terminals
Automatic switching to battery power if the mains power fails
Switching time: 10 ms typ.
Max. Battery charging current at grid charging: 60A

Efficiency: 98%
Short-circuit protection and overload shutdown.
Standby power consumption is only 2W
Temperature range: 0 - 55°C
Housing: aluminum 460mm x 120mm x 300mm