Solar Lighting Set for Bus Stops with motion sensor

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Independent solar powered LED light system for bus shelter, small train station ...
Manufacturer: GEO-Technik


Very bright PV solar lighting with swiveling LED light and motion detector.
The system consists of two components: the solar module and the luminaire unit.
The connection is simply plugged together with the attached cable.
Just light and module must be screwed tight - Reedy to go.

Luminary fixture:
LED power 10W
Luminous output: 750 lm
Pleasant brightness 30 lux / 1,8m
Light color: 4000K natural white
Automatic switch-on to 10% economy mode in the dark.
Upon detection of a person, the lamp switches to full light intensity.
After about 30 seconds, the lighting switches back to economy mode.
IR detector Range 5 - 8 m at 180 ° detection angle.
Dimensions: W 300 mm, H 150 mm, D 120 mm
Weatherproof protective housing IP54

Solar module:
1 monocrystalline solar module, sealed and hailproof, life expectancy approx. 25 years.
The high-quality solar cell technology also ensures charging in cloudy skies.
Module dimensions: about 430 x 550 x 28mm.
Mounting bracket for solar module,
2 m cable with connector

Technical specifications:
Self-sufficient light duration approx. 8 hours depending on weather conditions with fully charged rechargeable battery.
With 60 starts per night, this will be 2 nights if no solar charge is applied.
With LiO longlife batteries, 8AH
Deep discharge protected.
3 years warranty, batteries excluded.